UnicornDVC is software that allows you to create communication channels in remote desktop connections. It currently supports Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Citrix and VMware Horizon.

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Product Description

The UnicornDVC software consists of two parts.

The UnicornDVC Application library is the library used by an application to communicate to the dynamic virtual channel. This so called app lib can be used both for server and client side communications. One instance of the library can communicate both in client and server mode at the same time.

The UnicornDVC Plugin library is the library used for communication by your client software (e.g. Remote Desktop Client, VMware Horizon Client or Citrix Receiver). It implements the Microsoft DVC client-side APIs, which guarantees compatibility with all major remote desktop platforms currently available on the market. It is only required on client systems and doesn’t have to be installed on a server, unless the particular server is a jump server. It should be noted that this library is not suitable for portable use, since using it requires certain information to be added to the Windows Registry.

UnicornDVC can be used together with the NVDA screen reader by NV Access using UnicornNVDA .


The following products/system requirements apply to UnicornDVC:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 / Server 2008R2 and higher
  • Either one of the following solutions:
    •  Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop
    • Citrix
      • Client: Receiver 4.11 or higher / Work Space App
      • Server: XenApp/XenDeskop 6.5 or higher
    • VMware Horizon Client 2.1 or higher