Ultimate Screen Access

Ultimate Screen Access is an addon that integrates screen-magnification with the screen reader NVDA.


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Product Description

Ultimate Screen Access (USA) is assistive software for the Microsoft Windows operating system. USA is fully integrated in the NVDA screen reader. Therefore, Ultimate Screen Access and NVDA work together seamlessly, stably and fluently. The software offers the full functionality of NVDA’s speech and Braille output, along with several magnification and other vision enhancements. Ultimate Screen Access is a lightweight product, having minimal impact on the performance of the computer or server.


Ultimate Screen Access offers largely similar functionality compared to existing screen-reading software with magnification capabilities. However, the performance and overall sense of reaction rate exceeds many times that of similar software. The magnification and speech directly respond to a given keystroke. Furthermore, there are extensive possibilities for magnification as well as a number of options to improve the visibility of items on the screen, such as reversed contrast and various other colour schemes. In addition to the existing colour schemes, you can also manually adjust the colours.

Ultimate Screen Access offers all the functions that you can expect from a fully-fledged screen reader to navigate the internet effectively and efficiently and operate the computer with a keyboard. Ultimate Screen Access works seamlessly with modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.