Audio Mixer


During the last few years, more and more organisations have switched to using software phone applications (such as Skype for Business) to handle phone calls flexibly. Physical telephones are therefore used much less often. While this has the advantage of not having to use a physical telephone, it introduces a major problem for visually impaired people wearing a headset, who rely on synthetic speech output. When the speech output of the speech synthesiser and the voice of the person at the other end of the line are joined together, it is hard to distinguish between the output of both.

Here is where our Audio Mixer knocks at the door. The audio mixer makes it possible to split the two audio signals in a simple and accessible way. For every running application, the software allows you to change the audio balance. This makes it possible to shift the audio of your speech synthesiser to your left ear, whereas the audio of the phone calls is played over your right ear. You can also change the volume for every application separately.

The Audio Mixer is suitable for all users who depend on speech output on the computer when making phone calls using a Soft phone programme. In these cases, the Audio Mixer provides an increase in working comfort and increased effectiveness in information processing on the computer while calling. Furthermore, there are numerous alternative situations where this application might be of use.